WP Spritz Speedreader Plugin

Spritz is an easy to use speed-reading tool and one of the most oddly satisfying things I’ve seen developed for blogs.

In short, it is a small frame on your site that allows you to stare at one spot while words whiz by. Your brain can automatically read the words without you needing to scan or scroll. It’s oddly effective and you can reach speeds of 700 words per minute (aka insanity).

When I first discovered Spritz in 2015, the WP Spritz plugin did not exist and I immediately thought to myself: this would awesome if you could simply add it to your website.

I quickly got to work and put together a prototype plugin that would add the Spritz tool to your blog post (top or bottom or even as a floating slide-in) and automatically feed the blog content to it.

It’s a fairly straightforward build and just requires a login to Spritz. I created a simple admin to choose between the 3 styles and followed up with three¬†the_content filters that wrap Spritz around the content itself.

In fact, this was the first plugin I’d ever made. And as such, I did not have enough confidence to submit it for review on WordPress.org.

One day someday I’ll revisit this project and give it a solid rewrite; meanwhile check out Spritz!

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